March 19, 2019

A Call for Awareness

Watch again Leonardo DiCaprio's speech at the beginning of UN Climate Summit 2014 (until 1 min 52). Be ready to recap orally what you have understood (KEYWORDS only). Get help from the mind map and the toolbox. 

Took the Children Away

Listen to the beginning of Took the Children Away before writing the continuation to this song (10 lines) in order to express forgiveness.    Archie Roach is an Aboriginal singer, songwriter and activist. He was taken away from his parents by the authorities and sent to a mission at the age of 3.  […]

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February 8, 2019

Africa in America

Here is the report that we watched in class (in 3 parts). Embedded Video Player Embedded Video Player Embedded Video Player Here is the link to the full report (optional). Now it's your turn! Imagine you are an African immigrant in the USA. Submit a short comment on the video’s website (in the  […]

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Kevin Rudd's sorry speech

Here is the apology speech Kevin Rudd delivered in 2008: Embedded Audio Player  

February 2, 2019

Houston (NRP)

Here is the radio program we listened to in class.  In Houston, America's diverse future has already arrived Embedded Audio Player You can listen to the whole report  (4 min) on NPR's website (optional). 


Here is the trailer of Michael Radford's film adaptation of Orwell's 1984. Choose the still that you think best illustrates our extract. Be ready to describe it and justify your choice (don't forget to quote the text). Still 1 :    Still 2 :    Still 3 :    Still 4:   […]

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January 29, 2019

Was was apartheid?

Here is an article about apartheid. If you scroll down the page, you'll be able to listen to a recorded reading of the article while you read along. Then take a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge! Be ready to give an oral report on apartheid, using no more than 20 keywords.  

January 25, 2019

Behind the label

Here is the video we watched in class (from 0' to 1'11 and then from 3'13 to the end).  Watch it again at your own pace and note down in what ways immigration benefits the country (advantages for the US)

January 21, 2019

Alkira's story

  Listen to Alkira's story at your own pace while looking at the timeline: Embedded Audio Player Embedded Audio Player Embedded Audio Player  

January 18, 2019

The Stolen Generations

Here is an article from the website Australians Together. 2nde 12 - 2nde 9 : Find 3 facts about the Stolen Generations and be ready to share them with your classmates. 

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