Test of game N°3 by Jayvir : Dofus

Hello!! I'm back with a new test of game ! The name of the game is : Dofus ; a famous game : MMORPG !

Released in France in 2004 ; created and developed by Ankama Studio , Dofus is on podium for the gamers who are in primary school and more !

Dofus is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that is played by browser. The colorful and playful title gives it a special atmosphere filled with humor and good spirits. Strongly encouraged to join a group of characters, the player's main mission is to find the legendary dragon eggs disappeared for ages. The day is also marked by many other quests to complete across the vast game world

The systeme of his game is simple , you can pay for play or not but , you are oblige for play on area “VIP” !

Screenshot : (The characters of Dofus)








Test :

For the graphics : 17/20

For the scenario : (There is no special scenario)

For the playability : 16/20

For the life's during : 18/20

For the Soundtrack : 15/20

And my average for this game I put 17,5 !

Conclusion : I love this game and I hope you are going to like it ! The official website : www.Dofus.com/fr

Trailer :