Christmas all around the world


Christmas in Australia :


On Christmas Day, Australians go to the beach because in Australia, Christmas is in the Summer. They have barbecues and meet the father Christmas.

Christmas in India:


In India, two per cent of the population is Christian. But many Indians celebrate Christmas. They give presents and decorate mango trees.

Christmas in the USA :

Americans call Father Christmas Santa Claus. They decorate their houses with Santa Claus a,d christmas lights.

Christmas in England:

On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas fills Christmlas stokings with small presents and sweets.

Christmas Dinner

For Christmas Dinner we have turkey with stuffing, vegetables, sausages and cranberry sauce.

For dessert, we have Christmas pudding and Christmas cake.

Christmas Crakers

Crackers are fun !

You pull a cracker. Inside, there is a joke, a small object, and a paper crown.

An English Christmas

Christmas Carols

In England, we sing Christmas carols. Carols are special Christmas song. These carol singers are in Trafalgar Square, in London.

Father Christmas


At Christmas, we visit Father Christmas in his grotto in gig shops like Harrods. We tell him what we want for Christmas.

Christmas stockings and crackers


On Christmas day, parents give a Christmas stocking. It has a small presents and sweets inside.

After Christmas dinner, we pull Christmas crakers. Inside, there is a paper hat and a small present.

So, I wish you a Merry Christmas !               

By Mathilde