26 octobre 2019

Thursday 24th October

Today at 10 am we visited the CBS studio. We saw Jim Donavan and Janelle Burell. We were present for a Breaking News live ! At 12 we ate some pizzas.
Then we walked in Philly with a Jenkintown teacher and a guide to observe murals. One of them was about the Greek Muses. It was the first mural of Philadelphia. We saw a few Amish at reading terminal.
And then with our American hosts we visited a farm to prepare a pumpkin for Halloween.


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Arthur and Clément 


24 octobre 2019

Wednesday 23rd October

We started our journey with homeroom then we walked to the train station to go to Philadelphia. Our first stop was the National Constitution Center. After a presentation of the historical situation in the US before the signature of the Constitution in a circular theater, we’ve learnt the history of the US after the signature. 
After our lunch break, we walked to the Museum of the American Revolution. We had a guided tour through the history of the American Revolution and how the French helped the American people during the war. After the museum, we went to the Fashion District Mall next to the train station for some free time and finally we took the train to go back to Jenkintown with our families.

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Tuesday 22nd October

In the morning, we went to school like every day with our correspondants and we went to their home room. After home room our correspondants went to their class and we left school to take the train to go into Philadelphia.

There, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts where we saw paintings showing the evolution of American art from colonial to modern. We climbed the stairs to the Museum like Rocky did.

After this, we had lunch before the visit at the University of Pennsylvania. Its campus is very big. It’s one of the top 5 universities in the US, like Harvard.

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23 octobre 2019

Monday 21st October

In the morning we went to the high school at 7:30 am. We had english, french and art. Afterwards we went to the technical college: we saw different sections like : culinary Arts, Mecanics, veterinary science, design etc...


When we went back to Jenkintown we played basket-ball with the American kids and in the evening we went to Kaitlyn's party. The party finished at 8:00 pm.

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Alain and Etienne

22 octobre 2019

Sunday 20th October

On Sunday, after waking up we ate bagels for breakfast and we went to the largest mall of the United States (King of Prussia mall) and we bought some clothes. In the evening, we went to "Terror behind the walls" (a Terror house). There were zombies who tried to scare us. It was very funny because some peopke were screaming a lot but it wasn't that scary.
Finally after the Terror house we went back home.

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Adrien and Hugo

Saturday 19th October

Saturday was amazing because we went to Dorney Park and in the evening we went to Bella's party.
At Dorney Park we did a lot of roller coasters like the Ascensor, the Hydra, the Tape of Grip, etc... (we did them all)

The party at Bella's was good because we ate a lot of carrots cooked on the fire, we were in a circle around the fire burning "marshmallows". We also did smarses with crackers, chocolate and marshmallow. We dansed on rap music.
The party finished at midnight.

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Alain and Raphael

19 octobre 2019

Friday 18th October

In the morning we took breakfast in a café. We visited the neighborhood of Harlem where we saw a mural with black artists and a painting representing evolution of Afro American's life. There were numerous churches and the guide insisted on the importance of gospel for Blacks.

Then we had some free time for lunch and we took the subway to go back to Central Park for the last time.

We left at 2 pm for Jenkintown. Finally, it was homecoming with the football game.

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Marvin and Nolwenn

Thursday 17th October

We ate breakfast in the hostel and took the Subway downtown
We stopped at the Brooklin Bridge, then we took the boat to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where we learnt the history of the island as an immigration station.



After we walked to the Freedom tower where we saw a beautiful view of the city.

Then we walked in Soho, China Town, little Italy and we had some free time to visit Soho.
On the way back, we passed Madison Square Garden beflre going back to the hostel.

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Maxine and Corentin

17 octobre 2019

Wednesday 16th October

We took the bus to NYC at 6:30 am. We arrived at the Hostel at 10:00 am. We visited the MET at 11:am where we had a visit about American Art. When we left, the rain began to fall. 

We visited the United Nations in the afternoon and we did a scavenger hunt under the rain.
We went to eat at the BBQ Dallas. 

And after dinner, we had free time to do some shopping on Time Square.

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Clément and Thomas

Tuesday 15th October

Today we went to Philadelphia! We took the 8:30 train to Philly. After a 30 minute-ride, we arrived in the city center, next to Chinatown. We started our visit with the Independence Hall to learn how the United States was founded. After that, we saw the Liberty Bell Museum. Then at midday, we had lunch in a park then we had some free-time.
At 2 pm we did the Benjamin Franklin Museum. We saw inside the Museum all of his inventions.


After that, we walked to see houses from the 1800, famous historic places like the Carpenters Hall, the 1st Bank of America, we saw the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from Penn's Landing.

And finally at 5 pm, we went back to the Jefferson Train Station through Chinatown.

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Léo and Jules

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