22 septembre 2022


IMG-20220922-WA0015.jpg, sept. 2022
IMG-20220922-WA0010.jpg, sept. 2022
IMG-20220922-WA0017.jpg, sept. 2022

This morning we caught the train to Cultra Folk Park. It ‘s a reconstructed village of the 19th century. We saw a printing machine and were lucky enough to taste soda bread cooked over the fireplace. Then we took the train back to the hostel after a last free time for the bus ride back to Dublin airport.

Mathias and Victor

21 septembre 2022

Wednesday DAY 4

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20220921_145541.jpg, sept. 2022

Today was Derry day. After a two-hour bus ride, the guide Peter showed us the Derry walls and took us to a Protestant cathedral. After the large lunch at Maccies, the group went to the Museum of Free Derry where we learnt more about the timeline of the Troubles. We were able to inspect the plastic bullets that killed the 14 victims on Bloody Sunday. During a walk to all the murals in the Bogside Catholic area, we each presented a mural to the group. Finally we ended our day at a pub for a very nice dinner, unfortunately without Guinness.

Quentin & Tom

20 septembre 2022

Tuesday Day3

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Today we left the hostel at 9 :15 to walk to the city center to take the double-decker bus in which the driver explained historical facts on our way to the Titanic museum. We saw how the Titanic was built piece by piece, how it sank after hitting an iceberg. We had our pack lunches outside the museum in the sunshine. I saw Mme Rocquet with a birthday cake and then the whole group started singing « Happy birthday ». I was very happy because I hadn’t thought about celebrating my 18th birthday without my family and it turned out nicely. We walked to see the Loyalist murals but they’re being replaced by more peaceful ones. Back in the city center, we hopped on the bus again, all the way to Crumlin Road Gaol which hosted more than 1,500 prisoners during the Troubles. After free time, we watched Minions at the cinema and had dinner at the Burger King. Hopefully Loup Garou again tonight…


19 septembre 2022

Monday Day 2

ALBERT CLOCK, sept. 2022
Victoria Dome, sept. 2022
City hall, sept. 2022
White Taverne sept. 2022
Morning Star, sept. 2022
Queen's University, sept. 2022
BBC Interview at funeral, sept. 2022

We went to the City Hall to watch the Queen’s funeral. People were very sad and focused. Lucas and I were interviewed by the BBC concerning the funeral and our feelings as Frenchmen. We entered the City Hall and we wrote a message of condolence for the Queen.

Then we followed an itinerary in the city center : we entered the Crown, a mythical pub, the Europa Hotel, famous for being bombed 36 times. That was fun ! We had lunch at the KFC, where the prices were a bit lower than in France. Every other shop was closed for this special day.

Tonight : pizza at the youth hostel !

Shemes and Lucas

Sunday! DAY 1

Trinity Collège, Dublin, sept. 2022
Temple Bar, Dublin, sept. 2022

Welcome dear readers ! Yesterday 18th September, 2022, the Euro section left school for the first trip since 2020 ! We flew to Dublin airport early in the morning then went to the city center since we had missed the bus to Belfast. We walked past cathedrals, pubs and Irish citizens. We saw the famous Temple Bar and ended the day at Trinity College. After dinner, the bus finally took us to Belfast and we went straight to bed in our hostel. See you tomorrow for more adventures !

Inès and Lou-Ann

04 septembre 2022

Flying soon!

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Departure on the 18th September!