19 septembre 2022

Sunday! DAY 1

Welcome dear readers ! Yesterday 18th September, 2022, the Euro section left school for the first trip since 2020 ! We flew to Dublin airport early in the morning then went to the city center since we had missed the bus to Belfast. We walked past cathedrals, pubs and Irish citizens. We saw the famous Temple Bar and ended the day at Trinity College. After dinner, the bus finally took us to Belfast and we went straight to bed in our hostel. See you tomorrow for more adventures !

Inès and Lou-Ann

01 février 2020

Friday 31st January

We took the train to visit the reconstitution of a village showing how people used to live in the 18th to 20th century. In the afternoon in the Transport Museum we saw trains and all kinds of vehicles.



30 janvier 2020

Thursday 30th January

We started our day in Derry with the visit of the walls. We went back to the origins of the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, in particular the Ulster Plantation when Scottish and English people were brought in to get rid of the Irish. Derry underwent a siege in 1689 but William of Orange and his troops resisted and won, explaining the domination of Protestants in Derry from then on.

After lunch we went to the Museum of Free Derry explaining the deaths of 14 innocent civilians on Bloody Sunday in 1972. Then the Première students explained the murals they had prepared.



29 janvier 2020

Wednesday 29th January

To me, today's Titanic Museum was the most beautiful building of Belfast. Its architecture represents the prow of the Titanic. The museum tells the story of the Titanic, from its construction in Belfast to its sinking in the ocean. The most interesting part of the museum was a ride that told the story of a person who worked on the shipyard at age 14 and then saw the launch of the Titanic.

After lunch, we visited the Crumlin Road Gaol where political prisoners, children, men and women were imprisoned from 1846 to 1996.

Tonight we're watching Manchester United versus Manchester City at a pub.


28 janvier 2020

Tuesday 28th January

We started the day with a double-decker bus tour and stopped at the Northern Irish Parliament. We learnt which domains Stormont ruled and which areas Westminster controled. We participated to a debate and voted like Ministers do there. On the way back, we saw some political murals. After lunch, we walked through Queen's University and visited the Ulster Museum. In the evening we chose our movies and went to the cinema and then ate pizza all together.


27 janvier 2020

Monday 27th January

This morning we went to Methodist College. It looks like a castle in the middle of the city. We met pupils and got paired with them to follow the lessons they had during the morning. It was a different way of teaching and a very different atmosphere. We ate in the library which looked like a room in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. We then started a treasure hunt in Belfast city-center. It allowed us to visit Belfast by ourselves with the App on our phones. We warmed up in a typical Irish pub and finally went back to the youth hostel where the cooking team started preparing the meal.

Alexandre G.


26 janvier 2020

Sunday 26 January

From Dublin to Belfast, we took the bus where I had a nice sleep. When we got to the youth hostel, everyone went to their rooms then a group of 4 students and the teacher decided to play board games while we were  waiting for the others to come back from shopping. Then my group did the cooking for dinner and frankly the pasta was delicious.  First evening in Belfast...