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Welcome to Mrs Saurel's English Blog !


Bienvenue sur le Blog d'anglais de Mme Saurel ! Réviser, revoir, écouter, apprendre, comprendre, communiquer, découvrir, préparer... mille choses vous attendent sur ce blog !

6°/ Edward , part 2


Listen to Edward ( part 2 )

Click on the picture :

6°/ A funny song : Do you like .... ?


Click on the picture to listen to the song and sing along !

6°/ Listen to Edward and do the same !


Listen to Edward and practise your text ! 


3°/ From bestsellers to blockbusters


Do you know these authors ? They wrote amazing  books. Their fantasy novels are world famous. They have been made in to films which also became blockbusters. Use the title of the books to remember the names of the authors, memorize their dates and nationalities.

6°/ You say peas !


Listen , repeat and memorize !


6°1-2 and 6°4/ Be ready for your reading contest on Monday 27th May


Here are the book covers of the different books you can read for the contest :



Covers of the French books :


6°) Défi lecture : fiches lecture et prise de notes


Click to open the PDF version of your Notes Worksheets for your reading contest and print it. 



3° A day in Paris to discover famous Street Artists


Click on the name of your Street Artist to get to the websites we have selected to help you make your research.

Tour A : street artist n°1 : Mesnager  - street artist n°2 : Kamlaurene / Kamlaurene     -   street artist n°3 : Artiste Ouvrier Artiste Ouvrier 

street artist n°4 :  Invader Invader / Invader / Invader   - street artist n°5 : C+S  - street artist n°12 : Jef Aérosol / Jef Aérosol / Jef A./ Jef A.

street artist n°13 : Miss. Tic   - street artist n°6: Bastek / Bastek  / Bastek 

 - street artist n°7 : Clet Abraham  - street artist n°9 : GZup / GZup / GZup 

street artist n° 11 : Zelda Bomba / Zelda Bomba  - street artist n° 10 : Ardif - street artist n° 8 : A2 

Tour B : street artist n°14 : Invader Invader / Invader / Invader  -  street artist n°15:  Jef Aérosol / Jef Aérosol / Jef A./ Jef A. - street artist n°15: Artiste Ouvrier Artiste Ouvrier  - street artist n°16: Nemo / Nemo  - street artist n°17 : A2 - street artist n° 18: Zelda Bomba / Zelda Bomba - street artist n°19:  Clet Abraham -  street artist n°20: GZup / GZup / GZup  - street artist n°21:  Miss. Tic  - street artist n°23: Mesnager / Mesnager   - street artist n°25: Poes / Poes / Poes - street artist n°26: Jace / Jace  - street artist n° 27Seth / Seth - street artist n°22 : artiste ouvrier - street artist n°24 : Ardif 

Don't forget to follow the steps given on your worksheet and please note down the references/names/titles of your sources.  


LCE Moonfleet Show : your scenes


Click and listen to your scenes

Introduction scene

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3