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Welcome to Mrs Saurel's English Blog !


Bienvenue sur le Blog d'anglais de Mme Saurel ! Réviser, revoir, écouter, apprendre, comprendre, communiquer, découvrir, préparer... mille choses vous attendent sur ce blog !

6°/ Optional Winter Poem


Click here to listen to the 7 poem optional poems. Choose 1 or 2 and get your points ! Listen, repeat ( it's important dor your pronunciatioon ) and memorize !

6°4 / Your notebook


Click to listen and repeat the sentences in your notebook :

6°6/ Your lesson


This is a special post for the 6°6 with the recording of their lesson. Click on the notebook to listen, to repeat and to memorize:

LCE Moonfleet chapter 9


Click and listen to your last chapter

6°/ Chant "School Days"


Click to listen and repeat this new easy chant :

All classes : Ordinal Numbers


Take 9 minutes of your day to watch, listen and repeat the ordinal numbers on this video


All classes : The dates and years in English ( with ordinal numbers ! )


This video by Lucy will help you understand or refresh you memory about how to say the dates in English :


3°3 and 3°5 / Practise your recording


Click to listen and repeat your recording of the answers on Worksheet 4 D

3°1/ Practise your recording


click and listen and repeat the recording of your text C on worksheet 4