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Bienvenue sur le Blog d'anglais de Mme Saurel ! Réviser, revoir, écouter, apprendre, comprendre, communiquer, découvrir, préparer... mille choses vous attendent sur ce blog !

6°/ Dialogue Wkst 3 " I'm looking for ..."


Click to listen to your dialogue. Repeat, practise and memorize :

6°/ This is London


Watch the video and discover the important and famous monuments and places in London


6°/ create a poster about London


This is your new file : London

You are doing researches in your school library about different monuments in London. Your final task is to present a poster and to make a presentaion of your monuments.

This is an example of a poster :               To illustrate your poster you can print pictures but can also just draw the monuments !