Train with the sentence of the week!

Fil des billets

mai 22

Train pronouncing: culprit

Click on the picture and train pronouncing the following word: Culprit! Enjoy!

Practice the word: objection!

Click on the picture and follow the link to train pronoucing the word: objection! Enjoy!


avr. 12

This week's sentence is "look at you!" Enjoy!

Follow the link and train repeating this sentence!


nov. 28

Let's practise "cooking"!

Follow the link and repeat the sentences! Enjoy!

nov. 7

Practice the word "superhero"

Have fun watching and repeating these sentences!! This week, try the word "superhero"

Follow the link:

sept. 9

This week's sentence: train saying "the most".....

Follow the link to "playphraseme" and train repeating the sentences!

juin 12

Train with the sentence of the week! Enjoy!

Click on the following link and have fun repeating the sentences.  This week's target: past continuous. Need help? You can train with the flipped classroom.