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TL Influential people

Oral comprehension/after listening to one of the 4 videos:

- Step one: Listen to the recording with your group and  be ready to expose the main ideas to your friends.After giving the general ideas,  you may focus on what the speakers accuse the government of (+ING),  reproach the administration with or blame them for. You may also concentrate on their audience to understand how influential they were..

- Step 2: : form new groups with 1 person from each group and exchange your information. Be concise and clear, express what you have understood in your own words, quote the speeches only when needed, use reported speech to summarize the main ideas. Don't hesitate to ask questions or to rephrase what has just been said to be sure you got it right (If I get you right..../in other words...)

- Step 3: go back with your group and discuss over the following questions: Who did those people address? how far can we say that these people had an influence on the protest movement during the Vietnam war? How far can they be considered as heroes? Give examples from the four videos using the information given by your friends and don't hesitate to give your opinion. (in my opinion, as far as I am concerned, I think, to my mind...) Record you discussion on your phone.

TL group 4/ John Kerry

John Kerry  is the former secretary of State of the Obama administration (2013/2017) he also used to run for presidency as a democrat, faced G.W.Bush and lost the election. He served in Vietnam during the war. In 1971, he delivered this speech in front of the Senate and became the voice of the Vietnam Veterans.

TL group 3/ Mohamed Ali

Muhammad Ali was a famous boxer. He changed his name, Cassius Clay into Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam during the Civil Rights movement. In 1966, he refused to be drafted (= inducted) and was charged with jail, stripped of his world champion title. In the 1960s he was an icon for a lot of people and especially for young Afro Americans.

TL Group 2/ Jane Fonda against Vietnam

Jane Fonda is an American actress born in 1937. She was very active during the Vietnam War, went to Vietnam in 1972 and delivered different speeches in American universities. She was under surveillance during that period (NSA and FBI), suspected of being subversive.

TL group 1/ Martin Luther King


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TL the hippie movement

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