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nov. 4

TL1 A few word clouds

. 2019


nov. 3

TL LVA Your book.

oct. 11

T°L LVA WRite the story


sept. 20

Hopper's vision of the city

paintings vidéopro with names.docx

TL Work on Hopper

sept. 11

Vocabulary the American city level 1: Utopia/Dystopia

nov. 29

Project cities!

Your task

On the following map, you will be able to add a marker with the city you have chosen, your recording on an  MP3, a song to illustrate it and a painting, a photograph or even a drawing that best describe this city for you. I started with New york as an example.

Click on "addition", then "add a marker-detailed-"...and that's about it....Enjoy!

If you want to visualize the work done, you may have to click twice on the same city.


nov. 5

TL niveau 3: light and darkness

oct. 15

Identifying Hopper

Voici le diaporama utilisé en classe

Lire la suite...

Learn more about E.Hopper and the cinema.

Edward Hopper et le cinéma par telerama

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