mai 12

Fiche mémo BAC

Voici la fiche récapitulative du dernier dossier pour le bac. Vous pourrez l'imprimer.


mai 5

Summarize it!

You can fill in this pad to summarize the video seen in class: Super size me.

mar. 29

Need to train with the questions?

Here are two exercises to train asking questions, the first one is easy, the second one is more difficult.



fév. 8

Let's share ideas!

Getting involved: "we are the world" 1985.

After working on the song in class, you are going to give your opinion saying what you found  positive in this project (the song) and what you found negative in the project. Let's share ideas! Click on the following link to reach the board and add a note clicking on the +  at the bottom left-hand corner.

déc. 14

Play jeopardy to train asking questions.

Try this  jeopardy on sam Childer!

My Jeopardy Template
nov. 25

Collaborative writing!

Follow the link to join the collaborative writing. Enjoy!

nov. 24

Work on the reported speech

Here are a few links to follow if you need to work on reported speech.




Pour conjuguer:


Pour varier le verbe "say":


Règles de base:


oct. 5

Prepare the debate!

Death penalty? Get ready for the debate.

Prepare yourself for the debate!

Arguments in favor of death penalty

- murders and rapes are atrocious crimes
- crime repetition
- killers deserve to be killed if their action was intentional and premeditated
- criminals should face the consequences of their action
- it's an "example" = it's a deterrent for criminals
- there's a natural desire for revenge - anger
- society must stop crime
- an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Arguments against death penalty

- innocence ? = unfair -> judicial mistakes
- people can change (= no second chance)
- no one deserves to be killed
- the death sentence is not "good" punishment; criminals don't really pay for their crimes
- how to face the consequences of your actions if you're dead?
- we can't decide who lives or dies; we are not God
- the judge is also a murderer
- jail for life is harder psychologically
- why are there different laws in France and in the US? is justice too tough?

Now, listen to some opinions on the following MP3

You can follow this link to see a video of a debate.

Listen and train pronouncing these arguments in favor of death penalty

Listen and train pronouncing these arguments against death penalty

Words to debate/Train pronouncing them

Work on the US map!

Learn the American states with the following interactive map!


Now train pronouncing the names of the American states!

sept. 16

Get it right!

TST2S/ Here, you can train learning your vocabulary and repeating the words.