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oct. 4

Comparer en anglais

Follow the links to train with comparatives and superlatives.

Pour travailler les irréguliers:

Work on superlatives:

How to ask a question in English

Here you can learn and train on how to ask a question:

      A reminder of the lesson

Train with the following exercises:

Here, you must choose exercises depending on what you need

Sur "How....." avec rappel du cours.

Now listen to the questions and  do the quiz:

sept. 28

Interview of superheroes: part 3/questions 5&6

Answer questions 5&6


sept. 26

Captain America: trailers

Voici les deux  bandes annonces sur lesquelles nous avons travaillé en classe entière.

sept. 20

Phonologie: superheroes

Listen to the words from your list.

Help for the second part of the interview.

If you need help to answer questions 3&4, you can turn the pages of the interactive book about personality adjectives.

And this one will lead you to another one, a little more complete. (A2)

And here is a more difficult list. (A2 vers B1)

Interview of superheroes: questions 3 and 4

Listen to questions 2&3.

sept. 18

Mindmap superheroes

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas tout le vocabulaire, voici la mindmap faite en classe.

sept. 15

You are a superhero! Record you interview!

You are a superhero. A journalist wants to interview you. Listen to her questions and record your answers on your cell phones or use:

Use an MP3 file.

Here, you will find the questions and the superheroes' ID cards.

sept. 8

Let's play jeopardy together!

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