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fév. 3

Seconde: Lamb curry podcast!!

Well done to you all! Here is Remi's podcast! Enjoy!


2°5. Here is the magazine you published with the recipes of our cookie contest!!

Magazine créé avec Madmagz.

janv. 13

Seconde/flipped classroom

janv. 3

Seconde/ train with the passive form

Follow these links to train with the passive:

déc. 30

Seconde/need some help with the grammar?

Here is an exercise to help you with the imperative.

Here you will find an exercise to help you with measures in English:

Go and see this month's cartoon.

Seconde/ a little history of Cheesecake

Drop your summary on the pad below

déc. 5

Seconde/ cookie contest

For those who don't have any recipe, here is a cookie recipe for Monday! Enjoy!

Here is a link to Jamie Oliver's recipe of shortbread

And here is the link to a recipe of strawberry trifle!

déc. 3

Seconde/ tell us about Jamie Oliver's videos!

Follow the link and express yourself on the videos you have watched.

nov. 19

Seconde 5: A little history of cheesecake

Write your summary in the following pad.

nov. 15

Seconde/ train pronouncing these words

List n° 1: utensils

List n°2: pronounce the /i/ and /ai/ sounds. Work on the following list.

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