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oct. 9

Seconde: vocabulaire/niveau 2/

The historical background

oct. 3

Seconde: la mindmap complète

sept. 25

2°15. Prepare your interview



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sept. 18

2° Train with the vocabulary

2°15. Need to improve your vocabulary on musical instruments?

Click here to learn new instruments:

and here, to play a game to memorize them! Enjoy! (you can also choose any game from the "start" page)

Need translations? follow this link.

2°15/ work on the musical style.

Here you will find the different extracts you will have to listen to and work on. Grab your phones!




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sept. 11

2°15- classe entière/ play Jeopardy


2°15: Reseach center/ follow the instructions given by your teacher!

Fait avec Padlet

2°15- Besoin d'aide pour créer votre entrée sur Zeemap?

Voici le tutoriel pour insérer une entrée sur la carte. N'hésitez pas à l'imprimer.


Whose turn is it?

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