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avr. 16

1°L/LVA/ Let's define dystopia

1°L2 let's memorize in class

1L LVA_Study the codes

mai 2

1°L2 join the class!

After the sea rose: reading.  Join the class to continue the reading.

Students sign up at and input this code once they have clicked on 'Join a class' on the Classes page:

mar. 28

1°L2: write your graphic novel

What words will you need to enrich your story? Collaborate here!

1°L2 News from English Attack

Two new videos this week! Enjoy!

Due April 3rd!



1°L2/Vocabulary level 3/ write your graphic novel

mar. 7

1°L2- Two videos on English Attack this week

Don't forget to register on English Attack! Two new videos in relation with the course are due for March 12th!! Enjoy!!



fév. 14

1°L2/ Lecture à distance

Voici le tutoriel en PDF, que vous pouvez imprimer pour vous connecter au site de lecture suivie. Enjoy!!!


fév. 27

1°L Learn your vocabulary level 2: camera angle shots

Don't forget to use Firfox and to choose your study mode.

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