Fil des billets

oct. 11

BTS: grille des passages avec Justin


fév. 23

BTS: work on prepositions

Here is a link to play in teams!


Working on your own? Try this one level 1


 Working on your own? Try that one, level 2

Now do the entire flipped classroom! The results will be sent to your English teacher!

oct. 4

Wallmart: le powerpoint de Hugo

sept. 15

BTS- Link to your"Mems".

Here is the link to learn your vocabulary on Memrise. Join us!

mar. 4

Train for the written exam.

Here is a written comprrehension you can do at home.


oct. 1

The girl who silenced the United Nation.

Here is the speech we watched in class

Work on the arguments given by the little girl.

sept. 16


Here, you can train pronouncing the words from the list.