Red Nose Day by Clémence and Nolwenn

Today , we listened to Clémence and Nolwenn talking about Red Nose Day. Too bad they were not wearing red noses !!! Yet they made a delicious chocolate fondant !!


Red Nose Day is  a biennial telethon held on the second or third Friday in March. It takes place every two years, alternating with Sport Relief.

The first Red Nose Day (RND) was held on the 5 February 1988. It aims at raising money for Comic Relief .In 2013 it took place on March 15th and  they raised£100,331,808 !!

This year it was on March 13th and they’ve raised £1,047,083,706 

What is Comic Relief ?

The organization raises money and then uses it to help end poverty and unfairness.

It works in the UK and also in the poorest countries in the world. Here's what it does:

  • Gets money in: Raises money from the public in the UK by getting them involved in fun special events.
  • Shares money out: Does a lot of research to find out which charities to support and then carefully decides how best to spend the money the public donated.
  • Educates people: Explains the causes of poverty in Africa and problems faced by groups and communities in the UK. Also lets people in the UK know how they can change things for the better.

How  is red Nose Day  “celebrated” ?

As the name suggests, the day involves the wearing of plastic/foam red noses which are available, in exchange for a donation, from Sainsbury's and Oxfam shops. People are encouraged to wear the noses on Red Nose Day to help raise awareness of the charity.

Red Nose Day is often treated as a semi-holiday  for example, many schools have non-uniform day, there are challenges, marathons, cooking programmes, and a lot of fun activities . The day culminates in a live telethon event on BBC.

Here is a video of the highlights ( les moments les plus mémorable) from Red Nose Day 2015

And here is another one of a singer from One Direction