Auriane's Talking about the News

Today Auriane  has spoken about an astonishing piece of news :

A Saudi man was trying to sell his six-year-old son on  Facebook for around $20million in order  to avoid 'living in poverty' after his illegal business was shut down.

Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry said that he was too old for the government unemployment agency to provide assistance and too young to collect a public pension.

Later ; he claimed having done that to attract the government’s attention to the situation of people like him in Saudi Arabia .

Technically, the penalty for human trafficking in Saudi Arabia is up to $266,667 (US) and a 15-year prison sentence, and can be increased if the victim is a child. However, Although slavery was officially abolished in Saudi Arabia 1962 ,the U.S. State Department consistently reports that “the Government of Saudi Arabia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.”

So who is to blame really ? 

Saudi Arabiahalf of whose children face domestic violence or some kind of abuse, as  it is claimed by a Saudi Arabian human rights group, The National Society for Human Rights  ?

Facebook which has allowed such a sale through its website ?

A man who has dared to sell his own son ?,0,4942824.story



1. Le 21 janvier 2012, 13:21 par Marion

In any case, if he wanted to be known, he is known, but by a very stupid way ! It's to not take serious.
I think Saudi Arabia, Facebook and the man all have something to to with that but for me the must important to blame is Saudi Arabia in so far as if there weren't children violences,abuse,etc and mainly poverty and inequalities, the man wouldn't have got such an idea. (But in these countries it might be very difficult to erase these kinds of problems, so it's an "impasse"(?) )
Moreover, I think Facebook should check and moderate the ads and the Facebook status which contain "For sale", "purchase",...

2. Le 22 janvier 2012, 15:17 par Timothée

I think that everybody is to blame.
Saudi Arabia have laws which are not suitable for unemployment

3. Le 22 janvier 2012, 16:09 par Timothée

I think that everybody is to blame.
Saudi Arabia has laws which are not suitable for unemployment and children rights. I think it isn't the only Saudi Arabia's fault it is also the inhabitants' mores which have to change.
In one hand Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry is insane. Just to have the idea of selling his child is inhuman. In the other hand, if he didn't want really sell his son, it could be an idea to show that the poverty exist in these countries. The TV shows us only the richest people those who have oil. But I have a question : if somebody wanted to buy his son what would he did (?) ?
But regardless, Facebook should check the ads which sell something.

4. Le 23 janvier 2012, 17:17 par Yuto

To my mind, the man who has dared to sell his own son is to blame. It's very stupid and inhuman to sell his son. Facebook is totally innocent :-C !
Marion, Facebook isn't so intelligent to check and moderate the ads status which contain "for sale", "purchase" and etc.

5. Le 23 janvier 2012, 18:35 par François

To my mind, I think the man is to blame because that is very inhuman to sell his son! But Saudi Arabia is also involved because I think they should add laws against slavery, even if it's a poor country with a lot of inequalities. But facebook is innocent because it's very difficult to check all the ads...

6. Le 23 janvier 2012, 19:01 par Lea

I'm totally agree with francois when he said that they should add laws against slavery !! And to my mind this man wasn't really serious, I think he wanted to attract the attention and it works becauses we are just talking about him!! But wanted to sell his son on facebook is very inhuman!!
And I think facebbook is not "guilty" because as Yuto said it's impossible to chek all the statues on facebook!

7. Le 23 janvier 2012, 19:22 par Raphaël

In my opinion, we should first blame the father because it's immoral and a normal father shouldn't even think to sell his own son. But Saudi Arabia is also guilty because they don't provided enough social assistance to people in financial trouble whereas it's a rich country thanks to the oil.
The Facebook role was only to relay this ad and it's imposssible to check all proposals for online sales because it requires too much work for few infractions

8. Le 23 janvier 2012, 19:33 par Margaux

To my mind, this man is just totally crazy or silly :-D
Facebook connects you with the rest of the world so it's very easy to attract attention that's what he wanted to do...and it's works!!!
So, I agree with everybody because this man has to be blame for what he did even if it was a joke, a bad joke! It's inhuman...
But Facebook can't do anything, it's so difficult to check all statues :-(

9. Le 23 janvier 2012, 19:37 par Auriane

Facebook is not guilty, it is written in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that users can't post anything that violates someone else’s rights or violates the law.
But... Even if Saudia Arabia don't pay attention to his poverty, selling his own son is.. Inhuman !

10. Le 23 janvier 2012, 20:27 par Elias

In my opinion it was only a joke, it isn't possible to do this. It was simply a bad joke but if the father really want to send his son he has a little matter.

11. Le 23 janvier 2012, 21:28 par Martin

In my opinion the man who wanted to sell his son on facebook is to blame because I think that if he has to do that it's to show that he is very poor and to denonce the Saudi Arabia's laws. He wanted to attract the attention of the world on his case and his poverty.

12. Le 23 janvier 2012, 21:49 par Juliette

To my mind, there is no only one culprit because if the man is crazy to sell his son, imagine that Facebook would have allowed someone to buy him, and imagine that the man wasn't crazy but desperate. He was so desperate that he sold his son !! I wonder if we can imagine that, I don't think so . And there is also for me a big responsability of the country because in Saudia Arabia there are a few very very very rich people and many very very very poor people who are not helped enough !! The social help stop at the age of and this man is more so I think he's the on to complain ! I also complain with all the poor person who lives in countries with hard social conditions and who can't do anythings (evrybody are not ok to sold their son) .
I'm choked that the governement of Saudia Arabia has do nothing to help this man !! I hope that media attraction which he is subject of will help him to have more beautifull life . I'm also sorry for the lichildren becaus eimagine that your father want to sold you on internet !! How do you feel after that ? I think he will remind it for a loooong time .
It's a very good and difficult subject Aurianne ! Well done :-D

13. Le 23 janvier 2012, 22:56 par jeanne

I think the man doesn't really want to sell his son ! It might be a kind of provocation to attract a majority of people , ie ones who have kids. To my mind, he wanted to emphasizes how the financial system destroys the primary needs ( children's protection, in my opinion..)such as the inequality which underlines the "hunger problems" in lots of families.
I understand that my pont of view is not really clear.

             I think the utilisation of facebook was quite judicious in this case in so far as it touches a lot of people but what a terrible way trying to sell his son !!

He must be crazy AND deseperate !!!

14. Le 24 janvier 2012, 08:11 par Hermona

I personally think that this man don't want to sell. he just wanted to know the problems of poverty in his country.

15. Le 24 janvier 2012, 08:12 par Hermona
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16. Le 24 janvier 2012, 08:41 par Elia

It seems to me that Facebook is not a website where you can sell something ! you know, in my point of view he just wanted to attract the attention of people who is richer than him !
I think the father will be in a bad condition if someone answer to his wired question, moreover, it is definitely stupid because the son will hate his father until the end of his life, his father wanted to sell him !!
This man is so crazy or desperate (like jeanne said) or just.......... yeah crazy is the perfect word, poor son.... :-(

17. Le 24 janvier 2012, 18:42 par Hélène

In my opinion there is two possibilities:
On the one hand, the man who has done it was trotally crazy and he didn't have regrets selling his son.
On the other hand, this man wanted to provocate the rich people and saudia arabia showing that he was forced to sell his son to survive. That's why I think it's the fault of Saudia Arabia because the country doesn't help enough the poor.In this case, he didn't really want to sell his son. However, I'm asking how would he react if someone wanted to buy his son.
I agree with you marion when you talk about the facebook statues. That's incredible that facebook permits to sell children.
So, like timothée, I think everybody is to blame !!!
That's horrible

18. Le 24 janvier 2012, 19:22 par Léo Parpais

Maybe the father didn't wanted to sell his son at all, but only to attract the attention, because he knew that nobody in the world was looking at him. And we can say that it was succefull.
And morever, Facebook didn't had anything to do with it, it's only a wabsite wich you can use to communicate :
Do you think if you write your all own life on a wall in the street, we are gonna say "Oh ! Bad wall ! we must destroy it because somebody wrote a bad thing on it !"
And morever, it's a wall which you don't have to look at : it's hope to you to don't read things on Facebook.

19. Le 24 janvier 2012, 22:04 par Léo Pe

I think that the father said that it was a joke but if someone had answer to his announce he maybe sold his son! :-/
What a bad father he is!!

20. Le 03 février 2012, 21:09 par Clara

To my mind, this is a great example to show to everybody how the family allowances are difficult to obtain. This is a real and important problem because the families who've got a bad financial situationaren't all helped by the state and for me it's so shameful !However, some countries are too poor to give familyy allowances to families. But in Saudi Arabia, there are son many billionaire thanks to oil ! I think they are so selfish because they don't give anything to just give a leg up,lend a hand to the families or anybody else.

 In my opinion, he didn't want to sell his sonbut just send this message to the world. Contrariwise, I agree with Marion : it's a very stupid way to send this message. To finish, I just wanted to say that if you've got a problem ,  maybe the state will not help you ...