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Today Orane has talked about a 13-year-old girl young girl who was  raped in Sweden but whose raper a 27- year -old man was acquitted because the Judges at the Svea Court of Appeal ruled the the teenage girl looked older than her  real age because she was 'well-developed' !

The victim said she met her alleged attacker, who has not been named, in a park near Stockholm after she ran away from her foster home last year.

The girl had no money, no mobile phone or place to stay when she got talking to the 27-year-old man and he invited her to his house nearby “for a drink”.

When arrested, the defendant initially denied that the girl had visited his home but later admitted they had sex.

He was charged with statutory rape, which applies to any adult having sex with children under the age of 15 in Swedish law.

But both Västmanland District Court and the Svea Court of Appeal have now thrown out the charges because the legislation also states that a defendant must “know” or have “reasonable grounds to believe” that the child is under age.

After viewing video evidence including the teenager’s police interviews, judges in both cases decided that she had a “well-developed body” and carried herself in a way that did not reflect her age.

The suspect could therefore not have known that she was under the legal age and was innocent, they ruled.

Göran Landerdahl, the girl’s lawyer, told the Swedish TT news agency that he planned to take the case to Sweden’s Supreme Court and hoped to set a precedent for future similar claims.

Hence Orane's question : Do you think it's normal that the man should have been acquitted ? 



1. Le 02 avril 2015, 18:04 par François

Of course not.
I don't believe that the Judges COULD HAVE acquitted him.
We can see the difference with a 13-years-old girl and a 18-years-old-girl even if she looks like older!
So, to my mind, it isn't normal that he has been acquitted.

2. Le 02 avril 2015, 18:14 par mallaury

Personally, I think that the fact that the man haS been acquitted is unfair. Firstly for the little girl and her family and then for the other girls who have been raped. So to my mind even if death penalty is forbidden this man haS to spend the rest of his life in prison.

3. Le 02 avril 2015, 18:44 par Sacha

According TO  me It's not normal because THE man HAS rapeD a very young girl and It's definitely forbidDEN. To my mind the "man" can do it again and again. So to concluDe the man proveS us that he's weak. ;(' ;-(

4. Le 02 avril 2015, 20:02 par Clemence

No that IS not normal it an aberration ! The man sHOULD have been juDgeD guilty. And I hope there will be a new sentence 8-O

5. Le 02 avril 2015, 20:37 par jeanne

To my mind,it Is not normal That the man should have been acquitted because it Is Just horrible what  he did.The girl was young.she was our AGE !!!

6. Le 02 avril 2015, 21:46 par Marine

Acquitting a man who HAS raped a young girl should be forbidden!!! And moreOVER, acquitting a man who raped someone shouldn't be allowed!!! If sWeden'S  gouvernement is taking décisions like that, SuedISH people should be Very ,Very worried, because that's horrible and unfair!!

7. Le 02 avril 2015, 22:38 par Julie

I think it's completely crazy that the man was not imprisonNED. He made something that can brEAK the life of a little girl and I think it's unacceptable that there SHOULD BE no consequences. Moreover, this man attacks a little girl, she is only 13 years old she can not defend herself. It disgustS me.

8. Le 03 avril 2015, 08:20 par Hiroto

It's defenitEly not normal. A man who raped a young girl should not be acquiTted. It's a terrible act which is not forgiven. We have to think about the innocent girl who was raped. To my mind it's very horrible for her.

9. Le 03 avril 2015, 10:17 par Ines

To my mind, it's totaLly unfair that this man haS been acquitted!! And I agree with Julie when she saids that fact can break the life of a little girl and that'sUnacceptable that this fact doESn't have any consequences for this man because if the justice don't punish him,he will continue to rape little girls!

10. Le 03 avril 2015, 12:31 par Audrey

I think it's not normal that the man has been acquitted because it's absoLuTetly not normal  not TO  punish A person  who raped a young it's horrible.