WWF by Juliette...

WWF, one of the biggest foundation that protect the nature and the environnement, like you've never seen before.


         You all know this foundations, you all like their panda bear. Yes it's the WWF foundation. WWF or Worl Wide Fund for Nature is and internationnal foundation that protect the nature and the environnement. It was created in 1961 by Sir Julian Huxley, Sir Peter Markham Scoot, Guy Mountfort and Max Nicholson and it's now directed by Emeka Anyaoku, a nigerian diplomat. He is the foundation's president since 2001.

         This foundation have for misson to check the application of the international and national regulations. They do some scientific study for some diagnosis or propositions. They restore some degraded natural spaces, they train and raise every public of any age to the environment (biodiversity, global warming, threatened sort, pollution, industrial undertaking concern of the fauna and the flora : sustainable development, attitude eco-citizen, wood and forest, sea and ocean, fresh water, ecological footprint, etc.)

         The foundation's members give some money to the foundation, like that the foundation is able to do all the stuff that the gotta do.

         The WWF's slogan is "For a living planet".

         Make sure to check their website :

Wind turbines by Pauline...

Wind turbine


A wind turbine is composed of a tower, 3 blades and a nacelle with all the mechanism. The wind turns the 3 blades and leads an engine wich transforms the wind energy into electricity. This electricity is stocks in batteries or sents to the electricity network of the companies of electricity. A wind turbine is very ecologic because it reject no pollution and it makes renewable energy. On a year, it works 3000 hours and produces 2 or 5 Megawatt. Every wind turbine reduces 20% of the CO2 emissions normally rejected. Wind turbines are placed on big zones without obstacles to get the wind : in the sea(offshore), on big lands, in mountains... You can have your own wind turbine but it's very expansive.

But there are a lots of disadvantages like: the landscape, the place, the aerial traffic, the noise , the conservation of the site...

Solar panels by Tristan...

Solar panels


There are two types of solar panels:

The photovoltaic module and the solar water heating.


-The photovoltaic module kept the sun’s light to transform in electricity.It has an other name : PV module. It is use to supply electricity in the house. Its puisance is 100 to 200 watts per square meter.Yield is 10% to 2o%.

-The solar water heating kept the sun’s light to transform in heat.It is use to heat the water of the house or the swiming pool and the house.It has an other name : solar hot water.

Today there are solar panels on toys or on mole traps

Rustle the leaf... By Laurene

Rustle the leaf ;  an ecologic and humoristic cartoon


Rustle is an ecologic leaf and he speaks with his friend the acorn about the pollution. Rustle is sad and he things at the power of the nature indeed the power of the nature could change people. And the acorn answers that hitting them with rocks is outta the question. This is a question that all the nature search the answer.

Indeed enter the deforestation and the pollution the nature is very patient and she haven’t got a doctor for her ! The humains contribuate at the destruction of her. In paris there is 170 micrograms of dioxide per cubic meter in the sight. The pollution is everywhere.

Now there is more and more people who try to protect the nature and who militate against the deforestation but there was too much pollution before we realized it and now a big hole in the ozone layer threaten us. There is many solution for limit the pollution but no one to repair the problem already committed : there is Wind turbine,limitation of driving  in certain city has certain moment of the day and ofher things.

Trees by Baptiste...

Trees are very important for the future and for humanity. It produces oxygen in the world. LAter it can produce petrol for heating for example. There are less and less trees on earth because of deforestation. MEn literally destroyed forests all around the world. It's normal to cut trees to make paper but ot to destroy old and prcious wood for instance, or not to build buildings. I chose an association that fights against deforestation "11 secondes". Every 11 seconds a forest the size of a football field disappears in Amazonia. It's a challenge for J-Cristophe Durel.

Solar Panels by Charlotte...

Solar panels : a sustainable energy !


They’re large and flat and they’re two main forms of them: solar electricity panels (which generate electricity for our homes) and solar hot water panels ( to heat the water we use). With solar panels, there’s no pollution, so, no carbon dioxide, no nitrogen oxide, no pollution! And that’s great! It’s the most clean and green energy, it’s helping to protect our environnement. But the major disadvantage of installing a solar energy system is the price and that It requires a large area for installation to achieve a good level of efficiency too. To finish, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular around the world. So, we can say that more solar panels can easily be added in the future, when your family’s needs grow…

Wind turbines by Elise...

Wind turbines have two advantages: they are clean and a renewable energy. During its exploitation, it carries no toxic or radioactive waste. The energy is converted into electrical energy by an engine then sent to a transformer which is going to put this energy in the standards of the electricity network.

The main inconvenience of this renewable source of energy, it is because the wind doesn’t blow necessarily when we need it. The inconveniences which they can present are easily avoidable if everything is well done.

During the duration of the life of the wind turbine, the ground is always exploitable, for example the farming.

The regions of the world where there are lots of wind turbines are Germany, Spain, the United States and Denmark. In France the constructions are rapidly growing on a big part of the territory.

And I would like to say that I chose this object because it transforms the wind energy into an energy which we can use. This energy is renewable and it doesn’t destroy our environment for the future years.

Reusable bags by Mylène...

Reusable bags are objects answering to the idea of going green because they act for the sustainable development. They allow to replace plastic bags and paper bags, which have serious consequences on the environment. Indeed plastic bags destroy the landscape beauties because people dump them anywhere. Moreover, it takes about 1000 to disappear, they kill a lot of marine mammals and they are made of some rare oils. Paper bags are harmful to forests because every yea millions of trees are cut down to produce paper bags. As a result, people have to use reusable bags in order to save wood, oil and preserve nature. Reusable bags don't harm the environment during their production and don't need to be discarded after each use. they are recyclable and affordable.

Earth Song by Sarah... and a little bit by Michael too ;)

Going green with

Earth Song, the new Michael Jackson’s video clip !!!


 Michael Jackson is back with his new video clip of the song Earth Song !! It’s a pop-gospel hymn against the destruction of the environment.

This great video clip is really environmental-friendly. We can see the destruction of a forest where Amazonian people live, a man who is killing a poor baby seal, an elephant killed for its tusks… In other words, man-made disasters.

It shows us what we should do, what we have to do. We  must change our behavior to reverse the trend. So many people all around the world suffer !


Washable layers by Alexandru...

I have chosen the washable layers, in French “couches lavables.” I have chosen this because, for me it’s the best object for the economy and the ecology.

From birth to the cleanliness, the disposable layers for one child use:

                                                 - 4.5 trees.

                                                  - 25kg of plastic, so 67 kg of oil.

                                                 - About 20 liters of water

                                                 - And many chemicals

About, one child use 6 layers per Day.

From birth to cleanliness, a child uses about 5000 layers.

In France, there are 1,8millions of children who use layers equivalent at

2, 7 milliards of layers.

A disposable layer will take about 500 years to degrade. Among these 500 years, it will produce methane and toxic’s gases.

How use a washable layer

1)    The baby use the layer

2)    You take the saddle layer and put this in the WC

3)    You rinse the layer and you put it in the washer.

4)    After you let dry the layer

5)    You put a new saddle layer

6)    And you can reuse it.

To create a washable layer, we do not use many chemicals.

A washable layer will take about 6 month to degrade.

On average 1 washable layer cost 10 Euros but 5 disposable layers cost 1 euro.

A child needs to 5000 layers

We must pay 1000 euro for the layers of one child, if you take disposable layer.

We must pay 250 euro for the layers of one child, if you take washable layers.

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