english is great !

Trip to Stratford Upon Avon

 We're back from England!

We 've had a wonderful week!  I enjoyed every minute of it!   Mrs E

It's freezing!

It's snowing hard. Have you made a snowman? Have you got a sledge?

Play these vocabulary games  about winter weather. They are fun!

Happy new year

2013 is starting!   I wish a very happy new year to everybody!!!

( Watch the new year celebrations all around the world!)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Have a good holiday!!!!! 

Merry Christmas everybody!!

improve your English!

If you want to improve your English, click on this link and look for fun activities which will certainly  help you :MEMOVOC...

The next BIG CHALLENGE competition will take place on May 14th. Don't forget to register!! Ask your English teacher!!  

Click on this link and do the quizzes. They are good!: BIG CHALLENGE.

first drama workshop

What did you think of our first drama session? Great, wasn't it?

drama workshops

The first drama workshop for  both european section pupils is going to take place next  Monday. The Australian actress Hanna  will be there !!! It is going to be great!!! 

Mrs E  

physical description

Revise your vocabulary  with this link  description and have fun at the same time!   hidden words

What about checking your spelling with this game now? face

Practise your English

Listen to Michelle and visit her room.   Michelle's room    Do you like her room?

Now listen to Todd and play the game.  Todd's favourite food  Did you understand what he said?

Now what about this game about fashion?    fashion     Is fashion really important to you?

American elections

Barack Obama has won his re-election. He promised in his speech: "the best is yet to come."


To know more about the results and watch the videos click on this link: election results

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