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Alicia Augello-Cook, also called Alicia Keys, was born the twenty-fifth of January, nineteen eighty-one in New York City.

When she was a little girl, she discovered her talent : she can play the piano ! Consequently, she studied and graduated at the Professional Performing Art School. Then she went to Columbia University but she dropped out two years later to do music !

She is very successful. As a matter of fact, she won many awards. For example, she received five Grammy Awards in a year and was the best-selling artist in 2001. In addition, she became a movie director for Five.

She is an actress too. She played in many movies such as The Nannies Diaries, Smoking Aces or The Secret Life of Bees…

She wrote and sang the hits called If I ain't got you, No one or Empire State of Mind.

Eventually, she married rapper Swizz Beatz and has a son.