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My schooling

I like the school system in France and despite the fact that I am not in my country and I find it's difficult to speak and understand French, I think that the school system in France is better than in Russia. The professors are very attentive and

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le système scolaire français

The french educational system is highly centralized, controlled from the Ministry of national education. The french educational system includes free and compulsory education for children aged 6 to 16 years and a right to schooling for 3 years..

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school in France

  I like the school in France because the teachers are very strict, they work all days,here studying is very différent from my country because in the cclassrom in my country students are numerous,and here are not many books. My difficult at school

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My talk about school system in France | Commentaires : 1

I like the school system in France because it's better than the system of my country. Here there is big difference between the way of teaching, the system itself and the attitude of the teachers and students.Here teachers are always available, they 

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My schooling | Commentaires : 3

About my schooling and the education system in France.

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