Title : In Time
Date : 26 october 20
Written , produced and directed by Andrew Niccol
Genre : Sci-fi , Action

1 - Main Character Will Salas Justin Timberlake
2 - His mother Rachel Salas Olivia Wilde
3 - His girlfriend Silvia Weis Amanda Seyfried
4 - Time Keeper Cilian Murphy Cilian Murphy
  1. He plays very well always serious and smart
  2. Actress Lambda
  3. Good actress
  4. Part of the arrogant villain plays to perfection


The movie talking about a society in which time has replaced money and the people don't aging after 25 years old , a young man from the ghetto of Dayton , Will Salas is wrongly accused for the murder of a rich man which actually offered him before committing suicide .
Innocent , he run away with a young woman from the wealthy neighborhoods of New Greewich , Silvia Weis . They will be searched by the « «Time Keepers ».


In time is a movie , the movie takes place in 2070 in a society who's dominated by time and not by money like currently. Some people think the movie had a good concept « Time is money »
Some people think the movie is a waste of time to watch , boring , without action is spoiled by romance between will and Silvia


I think this film is excellent it allows us to show that even people who lives from day to day and the rich who are privileged.

But the media do not share my opinion it has an average of 5,2/10 on the website « Rotten Tomatoes » or a score of 53/100 on the website « Metacritic ».

This film has been nominated 2 times but received no prizes.

The movie is not very recommended but I do it , it is well worth it and it will not be a waste of time .

Fatou, 2GTB