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The movie is " Kingsman : the secret service."
The film was realised in 2015 and the director is Matthew Vaugh.

The summary of this movie is :

" Kingsman, the british intelligence elite in the three-piece suits, is looking for new blood undergo a high-level training for young privileged aspiring to the dream job. One of them seems to be the " imperfectly ideal " candidate : an impertinent young man from the London suburb of Eggsy. Will these super spies succeed in countering the terrible threat posed to the world by the tortured spirit of the criminal Richmound Valentine, the genius of technology ? "

The main characters are :

  • Gary " Eggsy " Unwin, interpreted by Taron Egerton, playing also in " Eddie the Eagle ", considered as one of his notable film.
  • Harry Hart, interpreted by Colin Firth, who plays in notable movies :
    • " Mamma Mia ", by Phyllida Lloys
    • " Nanny McPhee ", by Kirik Jones
    • And " Love Actually " , by Richard Curtis
  • Richmound Valentine, interpreted by Samuel L. Jackson, playing also in :
    • " Avenger ", by Joss Whedon
    • " Pulp Fiction ", by Quentin Tarantino
    • " Die Hard with a Vengeance ", by John McTiernan
    • And many others ...
  • Merlin, interpreted by Mark Strong, present in the movie :
    • " Sherlock Holmes ", by Guy Ritchie
    • " Body of Lies " , by Ridley Scott
    • Or " Robin Hood " , by Ridley Scott again.

The genre of this movie is Espionage.

Analyse and Reviews :

"Kingsman is jubilant because everything is exaggerated and offbeat."

Kingsman is jubilant because everything is exaggerated and offbeat. The director oscillates between the hilarious and the grotesque. One can take the example of the meeting between Harry Hart ( Colin Firth ) and Valentine ( Samuel L. Jackson ) around a very chic dinner in a sumptuous home where the silver bells conceals ... Bic Mac !
Serious subjects are tackled, such as class struggle or ecology, are treated with a derision that might be displaced if it was not so voluntary. Eggsy ( Taron Egerton ), which is the emblem of social ascension, is depicted in a radically different way from that of his peers. Valentine, who has also been able to rise socially thanks to her genius, has fallen into the trap of corruption, a characteristic inseparable from the "superior" class if one believes the film. Only Harry Hart understood what really makes a gentleman, not his birth but his manners and, just at importantly, the way he dresses.
To support this unlikely universe, the cast must have been excellent. And it does not disappoint. Colin Firth is masterful in his role as  secret agent gentleman, he carries by himself all the elegance of the film but it is Samuel L. Jackson who gains the palm of eccentricity in his megalomaniac millionaire character. One Can not help laughing as soon as he spoke.

Finally, Kingsman is a film anchored in its era, full of cinematographic reference that will delight moviegoers. Between British phlegm and American exuberance, it is a ovni that arrives at the right time.

Reward ->   

    * For this role, the actor Taron Egerton won Empire Award for best male Newcomer
    * While the film won Empire Award for Best British Film

Alexia, 2GTB