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Who dunnit (video)


Souvenir souvenir : 3F, great talkers

You are incredible talkers...
I see Theresa has joined us andAlexandre too... and now Julia F !
I'm happy and your English is very good, keep it up...381 (:D) lines already !!! YES Great isn't it ?
don't forget to mention your names for the bonuses 
Have a good trip to Italy (not Italia :D) 
Don t you be afraid of the plane.  It IS the safest means of transportation ... bfoucault
SO what about your trip to Italy ?
My name is Wenli !
And i absolutely have NO idea or things to say so i guess first of all: Hi how are you?
I'm fine thank you Wenli, but a little tired... so I think I am gonna take  a  nap !after all it's Wed afternoon !
Oh wait you can't answer me now... So i'm going to say you are fine.
Yes I am fine indeed
So i'm going to say some silly things that comes to my mind It's better then nothing right?:
    why not ?
what if a dog and a cat breeded? Will that make a cog? Or a dat?
good riddle : or maybe a cot or a dag
Did you know geese have teeth on their tongue? (by the way don't question how i know all of that) (singular : goose/plural  :geese)
No I didn't. Are you 100 percent sure ?
Did you know hippo's milk is pink?
really ?
Did you know scientists know more about the surface of the moon then than  what's in the ocean?
I didn't have the slightest idea
What will happen if all of the humans on earth jumped at the same time?
It would empty the sea and cover the earth with water ?
i'm green now. I was purple!
Miracle !
How does this thing called a blog works? 0_0
the best it can... with the collaboration of students
There were(was)  someone here! They left me.... 
Who ? shoud I call the police ?
Hello Wenly you are number 1, top of the heap... and you deserve your bonus (10/10) Congrats  - Mrs Foucault
Hi, I love dogs ^^'
And my name is Antoine :)
Same as Wenli, I have no things to say so...HELLO !!!!
IT'S ME! I was wondering and i don't know the rest of the sooooong!
Nobody thought about the blog today xD  except for theresa, she tried on her phone.... It didnt work. D:
Yes... So I think she deserves a bonus too ! :D
Agree at 100%
Congrats Antoine. You'll have a 10/10 for your participation as I promised (and Wenli will get a 20 because she was the 1st).
Who wrote in dark green ? Theresa ? (if so she'll get 10 too)
See you tomorrow Bfoucautl
conclusion Wenli 20/20  Antoine 10/10  and ??? 10/10
Wenli wrote in dark green because she use 2 different computers 
We are 2 lonely student that came to this blog and an english teacher
I'm impatient to see who will be the third one to come on this blog :)
me too !
Antoine and Wenli : you are THE STUDENTS of the day !
Thank you, you are the TEACHER of the day ! 
Wenli, what is your favorite sport ? :)
Sitting on a sofa watching a serie? Does that count as a sport? Technically it is tiring...... for the eyes...
Google told me that a sport is a individual or collective game that demands physical efforts so that's not a sport ;D
Tehcnically a sport is a physical activity that burns callories, even when you aren't moving you are burning callories so technically watching a serie is sport.
No because Google (<3) also told me that the sport is an universal phenomen.
Google also told me the earth was flat. And that reptilian illuminaties are coming to destroy earth in 2666. Not everything on google is true 0-0
I think Google didn't told you that the Earth is flat but ARMAND told you !!!
sport:An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment
this definiton comes right from the english dictionary called oxford.
So i'm enjoying myself watching series and it burns callories so TECHNICALLY it's sport.
NO because Google ("Ok Google") told me that an activity has to be officially known as a sport by the International Sport Federation to be a sport so it's TECHNICALLY NOT A SPORT ;-)
 Extreme Ironing is a sport. and it's not official. It's a sport were you have to iron your clothes hanging off a cliff.
Like you said, not everything on Google and Internet in general is true ^^'
There are pictures dude and even videos on live .
And it's official because here is an Extreme Ironing World Championship (^-^)
Oh really, Well i don't care! XD oK!? i don't like sports anyways!!!!!
.......................................................Did we really just debate about sport for like 15 min?
Yes, and it was very cool! I learnt a lot of things. THANK YOU "Ok Google" xD
Do you think so? XD
Do you know the red color from the Haribo candies comes from a little insect?
Yes, thank you YouTube :D
Did you know there is a nail polish that cost 1000$?
No but it's useless... xD
Yes in fact it is.
Did you know some people have purple eyes?
No xD
Now you do. The more you know every day.
What is your favorite animal?
Dogs or unicrons (mythical animal of course) and you?
For me it's the dolphin and the cheetah :D
Do you know that your tongue print is as unique as your fingerprint?
Did you know shakespeare wore earrings? 
Did you kow polar bears are Irish?
Do you know that technically everyday you eat humaan?
Because eating is ingesting cells so you are everyday eating the cels in your mouth so technically you are eating human. every. day.
Oh it's...bizarre..
NO it's knowledge CX
Ooh, so you have a very bizarre knowledge. A unicorn knowledge...
Well you KNOW those things so it's KNOWledge.
It's a basic knowlege of .... useless facts.
Lol xD
What is your favorite video game ? :)
HUUUUUUUUH..... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...... hu??????????
The triology game , called the game, replaying the game and reimaginating the game
Night in the woods
Shadow of the coloseus
And a little notice to presentable liberty a really marking game 0-0
I loooove Undertale and Shadow of the colosseus ! 
But I don't know the other games... x)
I don't have any favorite game because it's too hard to choose one x_x
Well i just said games that i really appreaciate.
What Is your favorite flower?
Oh, huuuuh...
I don't know x)
Maybe the poppy...
Well, I know what is my favorite flower but I don't know its name x) 
I really like Lotus flowers and cherry trees flowers
Yeees I loooove these too !
What is your favorite cartoon?
I don't know xD
Steven universe!!! Best cartoon!
What is your favorite comic strip?
It's a french one called "Seuls"! I love it ! I advise you to read it. Miss Rabel got it in the CDI :D
I don't and didn't read that much comic strip , so i'll say a childish answer.... Garfield
Or some online comics like : theodd1sout , jaiden animations etc...
Wenli I have to sleep so bye-bye :D
Ok! Me too :P Good night!!!!
See you tomorrow :)
See ya tomorrow!
Hello !!! It's theresa ! Right now it's lunchtime and I'm back home :D 
Hi ! :D
This blog is very fun I think... ;) 
Yes :)
And there is an other people but he/she doesn't speak x)
Oh really ? x)
Yes you can see that in the top of this chat :)
oh okay ! Thanks for the information :) 
Your welcome ;D
I choose a very flashy colour x)
Yes but it's a very nice colour too xD
yeah i think so ! ( that's why I choose it :) )
I have to go so bye-bye ! ;)
Good bye :)
See you later :D
Hello it's Alexandre P. :)) 
I was in the school with titoine17 & Wenli to finish a homework in SVT ! 
i drink a coffee and now i don't know what to say ahah x'D
Good bye miss ! =)
Hi PQT7 ! x)
How are you for 10 minutes ! x')
I'fine thank you !
What about you ? xD
I'm fine too hihi ! xD
What are u doing ? (^_<)
Nothing and you ? x)
I speak with you :)
Me too xD
Hihi =s
I have to go :)
So bye see you later PQT7* ! :D
Okay good bye titoine17* ! =DDDDDDDDDD
Sorry is it Thérésa ? xDDD
No x)
i'ts titoine ! 
Yeees and if u want to see who is connected go at the top of the page :)
Thanks for this trick ! :)
Your welcome bye ! :D
bye ! :)
i'm bac
Hi !!!
How are you? :D
Hello everyone! :D
Hmmm I think I'm the only one on the chat... ^^' ( for the moment )
Yeah!!!! Wenli my friend !!!!!! :D
Haha :)
xd How are you? :P
Hmmm quite good and you ? :)
I'm great! :P
what are you doing?
Right now nothing special and you ? 
Technically you are speaking to me xD i am watching jack.
Yeah it's a bit logical x) 
And youtube
Ooh okay I'm not surprise at all x)
impressive i know.
Hahaha x) 
XD lol
I'm very happy to go to Italy with all of my classmate :D
XD #badautocerrect 
To be honest this blog became a chat
Hahaha yeah that's true x) 
Well we are expressing ourselves CX technically
Suggest another topic of conversation then ... x)
HUUUUUhhhhhh?????, Ì don't have a flipping idea
You see ... x) 
I see what? xD
It's a bit difficult to find an interresting topic of conversation XD 
What should we be talking about? About the fact we can't find ideas or topics to have a discution on?
Hmmmm ...... (It's also very difficult to speak in english.... XD)
Oh you think so,? xD 
Yeah you are stronger than me ... and it's natural because you watch a lot of YouTube video in english 
XD too much maybe? 
Yeah I think so but it's very good you can improove yourself 
YES YOU CAN! XD   .......... sorry 
Hahhahaha XD
Do you realise we are at the line number 218?
Yeah that's what I was going to write xD
LOL connected brains.
Hahaha xD 
We are in connectin of some weirdly sort. 
Yeah , in fact we had to talk about the sequence on art but right now it's a chat x)
Oh yea.
What are your ideas to make the characters look more animated?
To be honest i think talking in real life could be easier XD
I was thinking at the same thing x)
Well it's the cons of internet conversation 
Did you finished your biology homwork? 
The science thing on energie?
Yeah ! XD 
Yea at the very VERY last second XD
Hahaha x) that's not very serious x )
Yea we are serious VERY serious student XD shush we ARE so serious XD we had some computer problem ok!? XD
Okay ... :,) (and you weren't very serious at the school library yesterday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 
I WAS AND AM SERIOUS! Don't point me but the sheep man and PQT7! DON't USE THAT LENNY FACE!
Okay okay calm down x) 
XD ok i'm calm now. Just don't point me XD point the sheep and PQT7
Okay I keep it secret ... ;) 
What secret? that sheep and Pqt7 were doing not serious things? LOL XDI
So are you always watching YouTube videos ? XD 
Yep.... Am i this predicable? 
Hmmmm yeah I know you by heart ;)
Yea that's just sooooo true maybe you know me TOO well! XD
Haha ;) 
Hmmm so I go away (put outside the rubbish ) 
Ah XD noble work i see XD 
Ok bye! :P
Bye bye see you ! ;) 
See you Tuesday at 5AM! XD 
Oh yes thanks for the precision -_-' 
XD Your welcome my dear 
Haha bye ;) 
bye friend! :D
Hi my friend !!!! 
HI!!!! :D
How are you ? :D
i'm great and you? :p
I'm okay and veeeery tired x)
If you are tired SLEEEP! XD 
Then make your brain sleep while your body is making sport.... Sport being watching series on a sofa
Yes my brain needs to sleep xD
Then drink alcool will make you sleep .... Don't drink thoght it's bad 
... >.<
Don't drink kids.... Or do drugs.... or smoke.... or do weird illegeal things
I'm not adult so I can't drink alcool
But if you were an EXTREMELY dumb adult you could drink yourself to sleep.... To escape  your crippling deppresion ..... Woha that went deep... 0-0
What are u doing ? :D
i am still watching youtube videos.......... And you?
Very surprising xD
i know right? CX
Markiplier ans Jacksepticeyes are the bestest
No Cortex (91 the pyramids ) is the best (tmtc There ;D)
Knock knock 
No...I don't want to play this game x)
Noooo ;D
So are you going to play?
Oh...if you insist...ok xD
knock knock
Who is it ?
old lady
Old lady who ? -_- xD
i didn't know you could yodel.
Are you happy now ? xDDDD
What is your favorite social media ? :)
My top one are : Youtube Instagram and Wattpad 0-0
And you?
Huuuh..Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat (<3 <3)
uhu glue stick
i'm gonna go and die in the right corner of the room ok?
Do you have any weapon?
Nooo I don't want you to die my friend !!!
OHHH! I am your friend!!! :D I have achieved my goal in life! lol jk
MA FWIANDS! (the typos are intentional)
Yes the WAT is the best trio of the world !!! 
AGREE AT 1000000000000000000000000000%
YAY ! :D
YIAY ( Yestreday i asked you lol) it's a series name on youtube. I have really usefull knowledge xD
Wenli I have to go because it's late and I have to sleep ^^'
Go the to sleep my dear friend .
Now go sleep CX
Have a WONDERFUL nigh XD
Thank you, you too !
Good night!! :D thank you! :p
Good night see you Tuesday at 5am -_- xD
Night! and yea! CX
Hello it's Julia Fornal, I'm excited at the idea of leaving for Italy and you?
Yeeees !!!
I'm not alone !! Yeahh 
How are you ? :)
I'm fine and you ? 
I'fine and very happy !
Why are you happy ? 
Because we will go to Italy on tuesday !!
Yeah and take a plane :D 
Yeees !
Do you like the plane ? ;)
I think for me it's okey and you ? 
I don't like but I don't hate the plane 
I think for me it's okay too :D
Oh ok. 
Who is with you in the bedroom in Italia ? 
I'm with Thérésa , Bianca , Elisa and I think Wenli
Oh very nice ! :D
And you ? 
I'm with Onesime, Jules, Axel and Alexandre I :D
Aaah okey just I have a question 
Yes ? ^^
Why your nickname is " CR7" ? 
Because CR7 means "Cristiano Ronaldo 7 " 
I know but why ? You are not CR7 . 
Because CR7 is my favorite football player :D
Ah, I don't like him . Sorry 
I have to go so bye-bye ! :D
And my nickname is now Titoine17 :D
Yeah I prefer 
Bye bye see you on tuesday ;D
Yeah see you on tuesday :D 
Hiiiiii !
It's a test
And everything seem to work well!
Great !
Bye !
Hello our trip to Italy is very soon and I'm very excited !!!!! :D ( exept for the plane That makes me very afraid >~<) 
Yes I'm very exited too !!! 
It's cool ! :)
Tomorrow is the BIG day :D I'm very very very happy and excited ! I finished to prepare my suitcase and I wait for tomorrow ;) !
Tomorrow : Italyyyy !! :D
We are back !!!! :D Yay it was so fun !!! :D
Yeeees :D
Our trip to Italy was very cool !!! I was extremelly happy to be their ! The landscapes was amazing and so beautiful ! The city of Florence was beautiful to , the city of is composed of an architecture typically of the Italian Renaissance ! And the city of Bologne is composed of an architecture typically medieval ! We visited a lot of museum for example the museum of the resistance during WWII , the "Palazzo Pitti" (which was beautiful and so BIG) etc... And we walked also a lot ! At the end of the journey we were so tired !!! :/ We ate a lot of ice cream :D !!!! So to conclude I can say that this school trip was so cool , amazing , good etc... (๑>◡<๑)
I agree with you, it was very niiiice ^^
I agree too ! It was so good and the "Duomo" was so big and beautiful !!!! 
Yes and Leonard de Vinci's museum was very interesting ! =)
Who's the clever person who  wrote hola ?? 
Is there a problem if I writte holla ?
Yeah because we are on an english chat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .
Don't play with that  ;)
I write hi
*wrote ;)
I know who you are ... ;)
Who I'm I ?
YOU ARE.................Mazen ;) Welcome to Mazen, aka El Chapo  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shall I give him a bonus too ?    mrs Foucault)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Is there someone else with El Chapo as nickname in the class ?Absolutely not
Haha x) You are unique ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You can't be like me
So you finally Come There... ;)
Wow it's a very Nice colour ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
RED is the best colour
I don't think so I think GREEN is the best :) 
RED is the colour of the blood
Cool and Green is the colour of .... grass? XD
You don't like grass ? ;) 
Blood is better
No .... It's more creepy ^^' 
So mister el chapo I need to go in my bed because I'm sooo tired (_ _).。o○
Little noob
At 9am
Yeah is that a problem ? ;) 
I don't sleep very well last night so it's logical that now I'm tired :) 
Why u are talking go sleep come on
Sleep now or tomorrow u wil be tired
Yeah I'm going to do that I wasn't Waiting for your permission ;) So bye bye :P 
Bye i'm going to play and do some ONE TAPS (Alex can only understand) Mazen, What is "taps" ???? explain to me (mrs foucault)
Okay bye mister el chapo :P
goodd night to all of you - I have a question for Wenli : how do you make your sign  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ????? (I just copied this one, but it is mysterious for me - how to make it ? (mrs Foucault)
Miss I'm going to answer you (sorry Wenli ^^') . I'm writing on the chat with my iPad and I have the Japanese keyboard and in this keyboard there is a lot of emojis like this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) //(๑>◡<๑)///ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ . 
I must have it on my MacBookPro, don't you think ? (i really want to know how to do it ... thanks for your answer)
you'll tell me next Friday. Good night
I will answer you tomorrow Miss
Hi !!!
Hello miss ! I just found the homework "Chrysler Building" in my notebook... I bring you the homework Monday. Have a nice week end :)
Yes mazen, I do some onetaps like Scream ahah x'D
better late than never,  but who is writing in the nearly same colour as me ? Mrs Foucault (so who found his/her Chrysler paper ?)
Hello everyone ! (๑>◡<๑)
Hi everyone, it's Theresa . It's been a long time I didn't speak on this chat ... :) . I just wish at all of you greats vacations and an excellent back to school :D . 
And I wish you Miss an excellent continuation . 
(J'espère que mon message sera vu par quelques personnes xD) 
hey there!!
hey wen wen !! :D 
there's finally people here.... 2 people. XD it's an improvement
Yeah for a moment I was Alone :'( 
rip XD
Lol XD 
So what are you doing ? :) 
try and guess... it's easy for you to know.
Watching YouTube videos !!!! XD 
yes more precisly i'm listening to some music!
Anime opening ? :)
nope some nightcore of random thing XD i guess it's rock/ pop
Oh okay x) 
and you? anime? soooooooo? 
No right now I play video game and I'm speaking with you :) well that's obvious my dear.
pokemon? zelda? fire emblem? :D yea i guessed it!!!!!! lol 
No try to guess ;) / no :) /Yeah ! xD That was to easy no ? 
a little. XD
You know me Fire emblem is my favorite video game of all the time x) 
yea XD really? all the time? you're going that far? damn
Yeah ;) then it's undertale / Zelda / kid icarus / pokemon / splatoon etc ... x) 
to be honest i don't even know what would be my favorite game XD i would probably say like 10 games XD
Haha XD 
too much great games in this world cx
Mmm I would say Nintendo games are my favorite :) but not all their games are good ;) 
i'll say some unknown games XD a lot of indy games 
Yeah like undertale :D 
yea and a bunch more.... like a lot XD yandere simulator, presentable liberty, undertale etc... too much amazing games XD
Mmm Yeah :) 
alice madness return, five night at freddy's and i'm too lazy to type the rest XD
Oh I forgot to tell you ... I watched an overwatch let's play ... and I don't like this game like you sorry XD 
oh right now i'm like level 36 XD and antoine probably like lev 24....... no i didn't try hard the game and hit le 25 in 2 weeks.....
Nooo at all x) It's probably not my type of game x) 
yea i think you're probably not into fps game XD
Fps ? XD 
like all the games llike call of duty etc... (my definition: all games where you shoot things with various weapon like guns or a BAZOOKA!)
Oh yeah I'm not good at all in this type of game I prefer strategy game ^^ like Fire emblem :) but I'm very good at splatoon which is a fps game I think yea it is . XD And I don't know why I really like this game :) 
i'm...... "great" to be honest i just shoot and luckily land a hit on someone XD . i'm just lucky 
wait no i don't know XD 
maybe because.... huuh.... it's i don't know XD. why do you like splatton?
Mmm I think because the gameplay is such really easy And there's a lot of flashy colours And the musics are really catchy xD 
yea true overwatch is hard to play XD 
to be honest sometime i just play a character that throws bombs and just spam and i acctually hit people XD
Lol xD 
once i killed someone that was like at the other side of the map XD and i still don't know how i did that.
like i said i'm just really lucky.... holy ish we are the 492 line! XD
Oh yes you're right xD 
Owever ... mmm 
Have you another topic of conversation ? :) 
................ *thinking* huuuuuuuuuh.....          no XD
Okay ... XD 
Oh I know what is your favorite anime ? :) 
oh..... huuuuuuuuuuuH....... i don't know            a lot of them XD
Do you know an anime called "Danganronpa" ? :D 
huuuh yea but i don't remembeR whats it is XD. aplly your wisdom on me my dear 
Oh go watch this it's a really good anime ! 
ok i'm noting this.
oh yea! i remembeRed something! 
It's an anime with a teddy bear half black / half white :) 
yea! i never watched it XD just saw like some pictures.
So go watch this wonderful thing :) 
later XD  yea i'm a lazzy piece of human being
Ok if you watch it you tell me here or on instagram :) 
yea ok mate! :D
yesterday i went to ladefense again XD and there was a man sleeping on a bed..... in the street. Because that's normal...
Ok.... xD Oh remember me I have something to tell you on Instagram ;) 
what is it my friend??? :D 
It's a story that came to me in Ardèche x) but I could not tell it in English it's to long an to difficult xD 
i'm on instagram tell me!